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Karate Blogs Review

May 6th, 2009 by | Posted in Karate Books | 115 Comments »

Here’s this weeks blog review

  • Conditioning is Not Optional.
    Whatever else karate may involve; it is about learning to fight. Students come to karate believing it will help them learn to fight. Fighting requires a high degree of fitness. …

  • Funakoshi Book Reviews » Blog Archive » Karate Jutsu – This book features basically the same information as the 1922 Ryukyu Kenpo Toudi, but rather than the Hoan sketches, features over 200 photos of Funakoshi (in his fifties) performing the kata, including six throwing techniques. It also contains the original calligraphy from the 1922 version. This English translation was undertaken by John Teramoto and is the only official version as recognised by the Japan Karate Do Shotokai.

My Birthday Present

May 4th, 2009 by | Posted in Karate Books | 52 Comments »

Best Karate – Kumite I
I’ve got this book as a birthday present from my Karate buddy James today. (Thank you James!!!!).
As others reported previously it is a fantastic book. It takes me through the philosophy of Karate and why the current movement towards Sport Karate is a concern from a traditional point of view. I’ve learned about the different forms of Kumite and why they are important and for what skill level.
It then takes the reader through punches, kicks, throws etc. by showing detailed picture and sequences of the best Karatekas, and how they do it.  For example, Katsunori Tsuyama’s Mawashi-Geri (roundhouse kick) is shown as a ‘kicks in close combat’ example, Keigo Abe’s Uraken (back fist) techniques are illustrated as a ‘striking in close combat’ example. And image sequences of Tetsuhiko Asai teach us about rotation, tai-sabaki and throwing! Enjoy – I am doing it right now!

Nakayama Best Karate Series: Kumite 1

Style: All
Level: Advanced

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