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Why What’s so special about it?

Dear fellow Karateka!

The quick answer: Because this is a site created from Karate Practitioners for Karate Practitioners!

What does that mean for you?
It means that books and material on this site has been found worth your time by people who do and love the same thing as you: KARATE.

That’s the whole aim behind this site actually, to save your time and money by introducing you to the right stuff!

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Any comments or improvement suggestions welcome!

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Karate Kata Books

Karate Kata sums Karate up nicely.
Kata combines the basics of Kihon and the advanced teachings of fighting (Kumite). These Karate Kata books are often referenced, and even after many decades of practicing Karate, they remain absolutely necessary as a reference.

However, despite how fantastic books are, they do have their limitations. Books will never replace your Sensei or the physical act of practicing Karate.

Despite the limitation of text, Karate Kata books are very important.For beginners they form a necessary method to re-iterate the newly learned Kata during the class.
For the more advanced students, who know the skeleton, but who want to look at the finer details of the Kata they serve as a reference to continuously improve their Katas.

The Karate Katas in all of these books are perfectly illustrated, exactly as they should be executed.

Karate Books

Hello Karateka!

I find that Karate books are essential for learning Karate.
Way too many times in the past I went home after a very interesting class trying to repeat the learned skills.
And unfortunately, way too many times, I couldn’t. So I either had to ring up someone, go meet them to practise again or to just wait until the next class to ask my Sensei.

In Kata it is kind of obvious why you would need a book, simply as a reference to re-run the Kata according to the teachings of your style.

The interesting part however is that I found that also true for Kumite and Kihon. I also found, by the way, that an understanding of Kihon (basics) is really ‘the basics’ for Karate. I bet that if you understand Karate-Kihon you will automatically get rid of movements that don’t make sense. Also if you do Kihon correctly you will train exactly those muscles and movements that you will need on a more advance level. So, hold on…how does that relate to books again?

Here we go:
Books help you to understand Karate on a different level, a more ‘intellectual’ level maybe, which enables you to learn quicker.

Well, now, there are the good, the bad and the ugly to be found also in the Karate book section.
Hence this blog and the invite to comment and recommend books and literature in general, to help you as my fellow Karateka to save money and time, by reading the right material, at the right time and at your speed.

Any sort of book allows the reader to choose the speed of reading themselves.

the ideas behind the different forms of Kumite (Gohon, Sanbon, Jiyu-Ippong, Shobu-Ippon). This Karate book is often referenced, and even after many decades of practising Karate, it remains important to this day.

You cannot be anything but be inspired throughout this book.

However, despite how fantastic books are, they do have their limitations. Practicing still remains vital. Nevertheless, despite the limitation of text, Karate books are very useful, for beginners as for the more advanced students who know the skeleton, but who want to look at the finer details of the Kata.

Nevertheless, the Katas in this book are perfectly illustrated, exactly as they should be executed. I highly recommend this book, and despite the limitation of static text, it must be in your collection if you are to fully understand Kata. It is also a good reference if you want to improve your movements.

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