Japanese Martial Arts T-Shirt

Get this world-wide unique Japanese T-Shirt custom made Only for You!

The Japanese Master Artist Keita-San has studied the Art of Shodo (Calligraphy) in Japan for 22 years and is holder of the 5th Dan Master
grade certificate in this art.

Front Writing Example: Kara Te Do

He is also holder of theĀ  2nd Dan in the Martial Art of Kendo and currently pursuing his black belt in the Japanese Martial Art of Karate.

Master Keita says I have Japanese Samurai spirit and soul. I put my soul on to T-shirts!!!“.

Back Writing Example: Andy

A true master of the Japanese Arts will hand-craft this art only for you.

Perfect also as a gift for you friends and family, the uniqueness of this truly Japanese Art work T-Shirt will tell how special your friends and family are for you.

The T-Shirt can be ordered with customized Japanese writing on the back and front and it comes in two colors reflecting the Ying-Yang nature of this beautiful art work.

The fabric is hand-selected by the master and therefore 100% fault-free because it is being quality controlled twice before the Japanese Master Keita-San is performing his art on your T-Shirt.

Please allow up to four weeks for the Japanese Master Keita-San to hand-craft your custom T-Shirt for you.

This is a very special gift also for martial arts groups or your Dojos.
Each Japanese T-Shirt can share the group or Dojo name on the front and show individuals names on the back of the Shirt or vice versa.

How to order

You can choose this Japanese Art to be applied on either a black or white T-Shirt.
You can choose your customized words to be written in Kanji, Katagana or Hiragan or simply let the master chose.

Simply state your desired customisation for the front and back side on your Japanese T-Shirt and click the Order Now button to send your order off to the 5th Grade Master Keita-San.

Japanese T Shirt, writing on Back sample reading 'Andy'

For Group orders please state the amount of pieces you wish to order and the front and back side words for each of your Japanese T-Shirts separately.

Please appreciate that a single order cannot exceed 25 pieces as each shirt is hand-crafted by the Master himself.

Please contact the KarateBooks team for more details.

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